Small group bible study nottingham

Discover Life Group Leadership Introduction

January 20th, 2018

Can anyone sign up for this? Yes.

Will I be committing to anything but exploring whether this is right for me? No.

This event is open to anyone wanting to explore leading, or helping lead a Life Group at Next Level. If you are not currently leading a group, you are still welcome, and you are not committing to anything, but rather exploring whether or not this is a path you should consider in your own spiritual growth.

Agenda will cover:

  1. Overview of Life Groups at Next Level

  2. "How to" lead each element of a Life Group

  3. Support provided leaders by Next Level - coaches, leadership community, tools, launch, etc.

  4. Personal Growth Breakthrough Opportunities - prayer, sharing your faith, loving others, etc.

  5. "What role am I ready for" assessment - lead, apprentice, host, support person, etc.

Childcare is provided, please let us know how many/ages.

If you have any questions please contact

Bruce Jones

Pastor of Life Groups/Discipleship